Allergy-friendly options available upon request.

Delivery is $10 within 5 miles of my home in Far North Dallas, and $1.50 per mile beyond that.



Cakes are priced by the slice. $4/serving for buttercream cakes and $5/serving for fondant cakes. $5 is added to the total for fresh ingredient cakes (carrot, strawberry, etc.) This price includes basic decoration, but more will be charged for specific characters, figures, and extravagant piping.

I can do any flavor, but popular flavors include: White Almond, Butter Yellow, Strawberry, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry.

8” Cakes start at $40 (Serves 10-14)

10” Cakes start at $80 (Serves 20-25)

12” Cakes start at $100 (Serves 25-35)

Sheet Cakes are as follows:

$60 for ¼ sheet + $10 for fondant

$100 for ½ sheet +$20 for fondant

$200 for full sheet +$40 for fondant

*These are sizes for party cakes. Contact for wedding prices. If interested in a wedding cake, I can do a tasting. The tasting is not a commitment to use me for the wedding cake.



I can do any flavor, but there’s a 1 dozen/flavor minimum. Same with frosting flavors. Feel free to mix-and-match though!

$2.50/cupcake plus $.50/each for customization.

$1/mini cupcake plus $.25/each for customization.

*Cupcakes have one dozen minimum and mini cupcakes have a two dozen minimum.



Mini pies are $10/each and whole pies are $30/each.

**Recent price increase on mini pies due to size increase-now 5.”

Minimum of 4 mini pies for order, and 4 mini pies per flavor.

Due to Texas Cottage Food Law, I can only sell fruit and pecan pies.


Decorated Cookies

Cookies are priced based on size and level of detail. Basic cookies have only 2 to 3 colors and minimal decoration. Detailed have more colors, possibly simple writing, and more details. Elaborate have writing, more colors, logos, hand painted details, etc.

*Note-recent price change

X-small- Basic: $1.25/ea. Detailed: $2.00/ea. Elaborate: $3.50/ea.

Small- Basic: $1.75/ea. Detailed:$3.25/ea. Elaborate: $3.75/ea.

Medium- Basic: $2.75/ea. Detailed: $4/ea. Elaborate: $4.75/ea.

Large- Basic: $3.50/ea. Detailed: $5/ea. Elaborate: $5.75/ea.

X-Large- Basic: $5/ea. Detailed: $6/ea. Elaborate: $7/ea.



Like with cakes, I can do any flavor! But if you need flavor ideas, popular flavors include: Raspberry, Cake Batter, Raspberry Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Lemon, Cherry.

Macarons are $30 per dozen.

Mini macarons are $18 per dozen.